Recently, a study revealed that only between 1998 and 2003, slip and fall accidents on hard floor surfaces in the country has increased by more than three hundred percent. Which is, indeed, an impressive number of accidents. So it is time to think of ways to prevent such issues and decrease the risk. No matter how beautiful and stylish a hardwood floor or a marble floor look, there is no doubt that hard surface flooring is not the best choice for every household and for every setting. More and more people in the country are now replacing the carpets in their homes and offices with a hard floor. Which, of course, comes with its benefits and advantages too. However, the comfort and cushioning effect a carpet can ensure along with the rest of benefits it comes with is definitely a priority of functionality you cannot beat with all of the advantages of another type of hard flooring.

If you are wondering whether to replace your old carpet with a type of hard floor or if you are now choosing the floor for your new home or office, there is no doubt that a carpet worth it considering. Don't throw out the idea of having a new carpet installed immediately, you better give it a chance. To make things easier for you, today we present you to top reasons why you would like to choose a carpet over a stone, wood floor, luxury vinyl, laminate, etc.

Sound Insulation

There are not many types of flooring offered on the market that can offer really good sound insulation, definitely not as good as a carpet. In order to make a hard floor sound-proof, you should additionally invest in expensive underlays, or it can be even a mission impossible. However, a carpet naturally comes with sound insulation properties and it is a great choice for apartment and office buildings, but also for private homes. Noise pollution in households and workplaces can be a significant problem. You don’t consider it at first, you don’t pay too much attention for the first couple of weeks, but soon the noise of footsteps will start driving you crazy. In order to reduce to noise pollution at home or at the office as much as possible, experts advise you to have a carpet installed. The cushioning effect of a carpet will absorb the majority of the noise caused by footsteps, dragging furniture, and all other movements. A fitted carpet plays a vital role in practically eliminating impact noise.

Energy- and Cost-Effective

Carpets are definitely this kind of flooring that can contribute a lot to the comfort, cosiness, and cost-effectiveness of your home. During the winter months, a carpet will work as a layer of insulation and keep the warm air of a heated room inside the house, not allowing drafts of cold air to enter the house through the floor too. In addition, carpets feel really warm and cosy and are the perfect solution for the winter. They ensure to much more comfort.


Let’s go back to the slip and fall accidents. Only a carpet floor can offer as much traction that it is practically impossible to slip and fall on a carpeted surface. The soft resilient fibres of a carpet will keep you safe on your feet. It is also a great type of flooring to have for households with young children because it ensures their safety. Even falling on a carpet is significantly less painless thanks to the cushioning effect.

Healthy Living Environment

Yes, carpet trap dust more than a hard floor, but this is, in fact, how they contribute to a healthier living environment. Dust settles quickly and it is then held securely in between the carpet fibres until you clean the floor and vacuum. This pretty much means that the dust is not distributed around the house and the indoor air content of dust is significantly lower.

Additional Benefits

Amongst all the rest advantages and benefits a carpet can ensure we should also mention the fact that carpets are easy to install, they ensure easy and effortless maintenance and cleaning routine, carpets come with great durability and lasting power, they look great too.

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