Turkish Kilim Rugs

Turkish kilim rugs have steadily increased their demand in various parts of the world. They are more like tapestries that are mainly used as floor coverings, sofa covers and sometimes as wall hangings as well. Rug store has an enviable collection of Turkish kilim rugs that is sure to enchant you.

They are hand woven and made with great care and hence are very well known and loved in many parts of the world. Cultural, environmental, religious, socioeconomic and sociopolitical conditions led to the production of kilim rugs in ancient Turkey. Various ethnic and tribal groups in central Asia and Turkey got involved in rug making during that time. This tradition has continued and Turkish kilim rugs are now among the very best. They probably have their origin from the nomadic Turkic people of the medieval Seljuk period. They were manufactured in large quantities for the court and for export.