FullerGray Carpet Tiles

FullerGray Carpet Tiles was formed in 2004 and is a family run business. We have always been an environmentally proactive company pioneering our way to the forefront of our business by specialising in the re-introduction of used industrial quality carpet tiles into a second life, as times have moved forward we now offer brand new contract use carpet tiles with recycled backing, ticking all the boxes whilst giving you peace of mind with the current carpet tile application regulations.

FullerGray Carpet Tiles have over 30,000 carpet tiles in stock at any one time and are confident that with our past experience, we can deliver the perfect 'on budget' flooring solution for you, all with next working day delivery!

Party Lounge Video - This is a wonderful example of how reclaimed carpet tiles are transformed into a second life instead of being deposited in a landfill site.