A Cut Above

Welcome to A Cut Above, a retailer of luxurious bespoke, hand made carpets and rugs purposely designed for hand made carpets and rugs purposely designed for a variety of uses including homes, caravans, boats, cars or motor homes. A family run business based in Lancaster, we were founded in 1995 by Jan, who originally customised rugs and carpets in her spare time. From these humble beginnings we have carried over her passion to create tailor made carpets for any situation. Our limitation is your imagination.

We take pride in ensuring that when you invest in a carpet or rug from us, you will receive a product that is to your exact specifications. We know that specific colouring and design can really bring a room to life, which is why we spend time perfecting our craft so that you can have the carpet of your dreams. When it comes to owning an alternative mode of transport/holiday accommodation, more often than not people believe they're stuck with the flooring that comes as standard.